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An Eyewitness Account of the Boston Massacre (1770)locked


It was not surprising that violence erupted in Boston in March of 1770. Tensions had been building for years in this center of American patriotism. Five years earlier the Stamp Act was passed, imposing a tax all printed material. Protests against the Act were mounted throughout the colonies, including Massachusetts, and it was repealed in 1766. However, the very same day, the British Parliament passed the Declaratory Act, which declared its right to hold the colonies to its laws. Then the Townshend Revenue Act of 1767 authorized British agents to use writs in order to find goods that were subject to custom duties. Tempers were again inflamed. In May of 1768, John Hancock's ship Liberty reached Boston Harbor with a cargo of wine and a customs official was held hostage for the time it took to unload the wine without payment of the required custom duties The British seized ...

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