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January 2021

African American National Biography

Ayler, Donald

Baker, Doc (Charles)

Bass, Karen

Bibbs, Junius "Rainey”

Blair, Paul L.D.

Blow, Kurtis

Boler-Davis, Alicia

Bostic, Joseph W.

Gant, Cecil

Brown, Ida Griffin (Baby Blues)

Brown, Lillyn

Brown, Marion

Brown, Maxine

Butler, Henry Rutherford, Jr.

Callen, Maude Evelyn Daniels

Callis, Henry Arthur

Browne, Martha "Mattie" Griffith

Carey, Mariah

Cash, Fred

Cheeseborough, Chandra Danette

Cliff, Michelle

Coates, Dorothy Love

Coleman, Wanda

Conley, Michael Alex

Cook, Myrtle Foster Todd

Cooper, Helene Calista Esmerelda

Cowan, William Maurice "Mo"

Cowans, Russell Jerome “Russ”

Cowans, Thelma Louise

Cowdery, Mae

Cress Welsing, Frances Luella

Crossley, Callie Yvonne

Crosthwaite, Minnie Lou

Cuney, William Waring

Danner, Margaret Esse

Davis, Betty

De Veaux, Alexis

Delisle, Louis Nelson “Big Eye”

Demby, William E., Jr.

Dodson Russell, Nellie Ellen “Nell”

Downer, Marian Elizabeth Foster

Dudley, Edward Richard, Jr.

Dukes, Laura

Eastmond, Claude T.

Ennis, Ethel

Foster, Henry W., Jr.

Gay, Roxane

Gillespie, Marcia Ann

Harmon, Willa Bea

Harrington, James Carl Hamtree

Law, Augustus, Jr.

Maxwell, Sherman "Jocko"

Ryan, April

Shields, Del

African American Studies Center

The Black Presence at the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893

Africans in Britain, 1500-1640

Black Visual Artists and Modernism in New York, 1920s-1950s


September 2020

African American National Biography

The AANB has been updated with 10 new biographies:

Austin, Charles Allen

Brown, Anthony

Brown, Walter

Campbell, Roy, Jr.

DeBrest, Spanky

Du Cille, Michel

Ferbos, Lionel

Flemming, Herb

Franklin, Henry


African American Studies Center

The 1860 Japanese Embassy to the United States

Aboulker, José

American National Biography

Clay, Bryan

Dictionary of African Biography

The DAB has been updated with 35 new biographies:

Abane, Ramdane

Adams, Jimmy

Aït Ahmed, Hocine

Alemam, Joham

Allen, Tony

Allouche, Merzak

Anderson, Benjamin Joseph Knight

Anderson, William Spencer

Antwi, Kojo

Barchi, Cesare de

Bisimwa Nabintu, Venantie

Bula Nyati, Antoine Mandungu

Cadamosto, Alvis da

Calendar, Ebenezer

Cole, Christian Frederick

Darko, George

Fernandes, Valentim

Feza, Mongezi

Gonneville, Paulmier de

Ibaka, Serge

Kante, Mory

Koné, Aïcha

Lutumba Ndomanueno, Simon

Maponya, Richard

Maxwell, John Renner

Mazwai, Thandiswa

Motsepe, Patrice

Mpiana, Jean-Bedel Tshituka

Muana, Tshala

Muhammad I al Mustansir

Ngombe Boseko, Francois

Olomide, Koffi

Pereira, Duarte Pachecho

Suso, Foday Musa

Vespucci, Amerigo

Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography

The DCALAB has been updated with 2 new biographies:

O'Connor, Quintin

Pawan, Joseph

May 2020

African American National Biography

The AANB has been updated with 8 new biographies:

Alcindor, Yamiche Léone


Gayle, Charles

Moreland, Mantan Jesse

Spiller, Isabele Taliaferro

Tolliver, Melba 

Walker, Elizabeth Ann (Liz) 

Welker, Kristen 

White, William Edward 

Williams, Randy 

Winslow, Kellen 

Young, Frank Albert “Fay” 

Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography

The DCALAB has been updated with 22 new biographies:

Ahye, Molly

Columbus, Christopher and Diego

Allsopp, Philip Anderson Desmond

Aragão, Jorge da Cruz

Bailey, George

Barrow, Dean Oliver

Carr, Andrew

Charles, Rudolph Valentino

Colón, Jesús

Connor, Edric

Connor, Geraldine

Désir, Saint Clair Roger

Flon, Catherine

Goddard, George "Sonny"

Grey, Curtis

Marcelin, Louis Gérard André

Griffith, Catherine Elaine Gumbs

Hernández, Gregorio “El Goyo”

Manigat, Mirlande

Mohammed Sisei

Mohammed, Stephen Sedique

Sylvain, Benito

Platero, Tomás Antonio

New Thematic Spotlight Articles

18th Century Black Atlantic (Vincent Carretta, Editor)

Premodern Africans in China

Sons of Africa

Hip Hop (Michael Jeffries, Editor)

Rock Steady Crew

New York City (Carla Peterson, Editor)

African American Food in New York

Harlem and the New Negro Renaissance

Black Newspapers in New York City, 1827-1864

Seneca Village

Southern California (Keenan Norris, Editor)

Central Avenue

Black Muslims in San Bernardino

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