What’s New: January 2024

January 25, 2024

The January update to the Oxford African American Studies Center has published 5 new entries, including Baptist minister Eldridge Wallace Bowen II, entrepreneur Barron DeWare Wilkins, and navigators William the elder Hawkins and his son John Hawkins.

Kalonga Gawa Undi X (1931 – 2004), Farmer, nationalist, and paramount chief of the Chewa-speaking people in present-day Zambia

William the elder Hawkins and his son John Hawkins (f.1530 – 1622), English privateers whose activities illustrate how the English involvement in the slave trade developed in the 16th and early 17th centuries

Eldridge Wallace Bowen II (1872 – 1953), Baptist minister and community activist

Abu al Mutarrif Ibn ‘Amira (1186 – ?), Intellectual, minister, warrior, and Muslim judge (qadi)

Barron DeWare Wilkins (1866 – 1924), Business owner and philanthropist

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