What's New: May 2020

May 20, 2020

In May 2020, Oxford African American Studies Center added 39 articles. Discover a selection of featured articles:

African American National Biography

The AANB has been updated with 8 new biographies:

Alcindor, Yamiche Léone


Gayle, Charles

Moreland, Mantan Jesse

Spiller, Isabele Taliaferro

Tolliver, Melba 

Walker, Elizabeth Ann (Liz) 

Welker, Kristen 

White, William Edward 

Williams, Randy 

Winslow, Kellen 

Young, Frank Albert “Fay” 

Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography

The DCALAB has been updated with 22 new biographies:

Ahye, Molly

Columbus, Christopher and Diego

Allsopp, Philip Anderson Desmond

Aragão, Jorge da Cruz

Bailey, George

Barrow, Dean Oliver

Carr, Andrew

Charles, Rudolph Valentino

Colón, Jesús

Connor, Edric

Connor, Geraldine

Désir, Saint Clair Roger

Flon, Catherine

Goddard, George "Sonny"

Grey, Curtis

Marcelin, Louis Gérard André

Griffith, Catherine Elaine Gumbs

Hernández, Gregorio “El Goyo”

Manigat, Mirlande

Mohammed Sisei

Mohammed, Stephen Sedique

Sylvain, Benito

Platero, Tomás Antonio

New Thematic Spotlight Articles

18th Century Black Atlantic (Vincent Carretta, Editor)

Premodern Africans in China

Sons of Africa

Hip Hop (Michael Jeffries, Editor)

Rock Steady Crew

New York City (Carla Peterson, Editor)

African American Food in New York

Harlem and the New Negro Renaissance

Black Newspapers in New York City, 1827-1864

Seneca Village

Southern California (Keenan Norris, Editor)

Central Avenue

Black Muslims in San Bernardino

Catch up with AASC:

Dispatches from the Editor in Chief: Henry Louis Gates, Jr. discusses the recent television show Watchmen and what its alternate history of America tells us about our obligation to the past.

Guest Editorial by Carla L. Peterson: "Black Modernity in Antebellum New York: A Cultural History"

Photo Essay: African Americans in San Francisco and Oakland, by Imam Abdul Waheed