What's New January 2020

January 28, 2020

Welcome to the updated Oxford African American Studies Center. This January 2020, we relaunched AASC with a redesigned website, enhanced search and browse, and much more.

With this update we note the addition of 33 new articles:

African American National Biography

The AANB has been updated with 9 new biographies:

Boykin, Otis Frank

Colter, Cyrus

Drury, Theodore

Freeman, Joseph, Jr.

Murphy, Beatrice M.

Oliver, Hudson “Huddy”

Randon, Matilda Boozie

Robinson, Bernice

Steinberg, Martha Jean “The Queen"

Dictionary of African Biography

The DAB has been updated with 11 new biographies:

Agondjo-Okawé, Pierre-Louis

Antonetti, Raphaël Valentin Marius

Augouard, Prosper

Bikoko, Jean-Aladin

Diabate, Sekou Bembeya

Ibn al-Abbar

Kabila, Olive Lembe

Kamara-Umunna, Agnes Fallah

Kazadi, Mathieu

Masengo, Edouard

Rono, Henry

Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography

The DCALAB has been updated with 11 new biographies:

Dabydeen, David

Delgado Lassalle, Carlos “Cao” Antonio

Escuti y Quiroga, Sandalio

Feliú Cruz, Guillermo

Garzón, Luis Mateo

Rufino, José Maria

Linares Alcántara, Francisco

Mellafe Rojas, Rolando

Ramos Delgado, José Manuel

Rohlehr, Gordon

Torres, Gregorio

New Thematic Spotlight Articles

LGBTQ Community (Dagmawi Woubshet, Editor)

Black Trans Lives

New York City (Carla L. Peterson, Editor)

West Indians and Africans in New York City

Catch up with AASC:

Dispatches from the Editor in Chief: Henry Louis Gates, Jr. discusses the recent television show Watchmen and what its alternate history of America tells us about our obligation to the past.

Guest Editorial by Carla L. Peterson: "Black Modernity in Antebellum New York: A Cultural History"

Photo Essay: African Americans in San Francisco and Oakland, by Michael Cheers