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Giovanni R. Ruffini

Nubian bishop, is one of the best known ecclesiastical figures from Christian Nubia. His career, spanning from the mid-eleventh to the early twelfth centuries, is illustrative of a number of features of Nubian Christianity in this period. The bulk of our knowledge about Georgios comes from the Polish excavations of the monastic complex at Kom H, about a mile (one and a half kilometers) northeast of Old Dongola in modern Sudan, the capital of Christian Nubia in this period. A Greek funerary inscription on a marble stela found there, above the entrance to Georgios’s tomb, provides the outline for his life. Born in 1031 or 1032, he died in 1113 at the age of eighty-two, having spent the last fifty years of his life as an archbishop.

Other indications in the inscription taken in conjunction with other texts found in the monastery provide the outline for his career Originally ...