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Mustansir Biallah, Maʿad al-  

Ness Creighton

eighth Fatimid caliph of Egypt, ruled for sixty years, the longest of any of the caliphs, either in Egypt or any of the other Islamic states. He ruled from 1036 until 1094, succeeding his father al-Zahir. His rule was marked by chaotic fluctuations of stability and fortune, but is also considered to be of critical importance to the history of the Fatimid Isma’ili movement. His full name was Bi ʾLlah Abu Tamim MaʿAdd ibn ʿAli Al-Zuahir.

Al-Mustansir was born in Cairo on the sixteenth day of Djumada II, 420 AH (5 July 5 1029 according to Idris on 16 Ramadan 29 September At the age of eight months he was declared the successor of his father the short lived seventh caliph of the Fatimids ʿAli al Zahir r 1020 1036 Upon his father s death due to plague while still in his early thirties al Mustansir ascended to the ...