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Allen J. Fromherz

was the Persian founder of the Ibadhi or Kharijite Rustamid theocracy at Tahart a city in the region now known as Algeria Kharijism arose in North Africa soon after the Arab conquest of North Africa and the conversion of Berbers to Islam Rejecting the aristocracy of Arab tribal lineage and the debasing enslavement of Muslim Berbers the Ibadhi Berbers rallied around the egalitarian ideals of Islam The Berber Kharijites or Ibadhis of North Africa threw off the control of their Arab coreligionists and proclaimed their independence from both the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates in the East The great rebellion of the Berber Kharijite chief Maysara called the vile by Arab chronicles began as early as 740 CE only decades after the campaigns of ʿUqbah ibn Nafiʿ in the 680s The Kharijites successfully repelled various attempts by the Arab Caliphate to regain control eventually establishing two independent Berber dynasties the Yellows ...