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Jason Philip Miller

basketball player, was born Julius Winfield Erving III in Hempstead, New York, and raised by a single mother, his father having abandoned the family when Julius was only three years old. Since his family life was difficult to cope with, Julius spent a great deal of time on the streets and playing basketball at the local community courts. Julius received his familiar “Dr. J” moniker during a childhood pickup game; it was a nickname that would stick with him throughout his long and astonishing basketball career. By the time Julius was ten years old, he was playing with a local Salvation Army basketball team. He had already learned how to dunk—albeit on Prospect Elementary's lower baskets—and in just a few short years he was able to dunk the ball on regulation posts.

When Erving was thirteen, his mother remarried, and in 1963 the family relocated to nearby Roosevelt ...


During his career Julius Erving—known to fans and announcers as Dr. J—set new standards of performance in his sport and made the slam-dunk into one of the most exciting moves in professional Basketball.

Julius Winfield Erving Jr. was born in East Meadow, New York. He grew up playing basketball on New York City playgrounds and then for Roosevelt High School. He recalled, “My first [slam] dunk was at the Prospect Elementary School, where they had 8-foot baskets and 13-foot ceilings. By the time I was in ninth grade, I was dunking the regular baskets.” Erving attended the University of Massachusetts, and during his sophomore and junior years (1969–1971), he led his team in scoring in forty-six of fifty-two varsity games.

In 1971 Erving left school to join the Virginia Squires of the American Basketball Association (ABA). He was named rookie of the year for the 1971 ...


Jonathan B. Fenderson

basketball player, actor, rapper, and entrepreneur. Born to Lucille OЙNeal and christened with the name Shaquille Rashaun, meaning “little warrior,” OЙNeal, who now stands 7 feet, 1 inch and weighs 325 pounds, outgrew the “little” aspect of his name and became known worldwide simply as “Shaq.”

OЙNeal first played basketball at Fulda American High School in West Germany, where his military stepfather, Philip Harrison was stationed After the family s relocation OЙNeal became a star at Robert G Cole Junior Senior High School in San Antonio Texas In his junior and senior years OЙNeal led his team to a 68 1 record and a state championship After graduation OЙNeal attended Louisiana State University where he garnered two First Team All American Awards and a John Wooden Award for NCAA Player of the Year After his junior year OЙNeal ended his college career to enter ...


Born in Newark, New Jersey, Shaquille O'Neal attended high school in San Antonio, Texas, where he led the school Basket Ball team to the state championship. O'Neal then entered Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1989. He quickly became a dominating player in college basketball, and he averaged 21.6 points and 13.5 rebounds per game over three seasons. In his last year at LSU he led the nation in blocked shots and was second in rebounding.

In 1992 O'Neal entered the National Basketball Association (NBA) draft and was the first player chosen, by the Orlando Magic, then a recent expansion team. Although his inexperience was evident in his first professional year, O'Neal's high level of play made him a nearly unanimous choice as rookie of the year for the 1992–1993 season That year he led the season s rookies in points 23 4 rebounds 13 9 and blocked ...


Daniel Donaghy

basketball player, actor, and rapper, was born in Newark, New Jersey, to Lucille O'Neal and Joseph Tooney. Within six months of O'Neal's birth, Tooney left Lucille O'Neal. Shaquille and his three half-siblings were raised by Lucille and army sergeant Philip Harrison. O'Neal grew up as an “army brat,” relocating with his family to military bases in New Jersey, Georgia, Germany, and San Antonio, Texas. By the time he was thirteen, O'Neal had already grown to six-feet-five. His lack of coordination and recurring status as the “new kid” led him to feel like an outcast without many close friends.

O Neal s life changed dramatically once he began to participate in sports Although athletic success did not come immediately he failed to make his high school basketball team as a freshman O Neal eventually became a dominant athlete leading San Antonio s Robert G Cole Senior ...