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Joshunda Sanders

writer, minister, journalist, and editor, Rosemary McNatt was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Nehemiah Bray, a laborer, and Mary Love Bray, a service industry worker. In her critically acclaimed memoir, Unafraid of the Dark (1998), McNatt wrote about her experiences growing up as the oldest of four children born in a family aided by welfare.

Both of her parents had received little formal education; her father hauled junk, worked as a butcher, or peddled food from a lunch wagon. Mary Love Bray worked in Chicago's service industry. McNatt's mother reserved some of the family's welfare money to send McNatt and her siblings to Catholic school. In sixth grade, a teacher noticed her promise, and she went on to attend Chicago's prestigious and highly selective Francis W. Parker School from 1967 to 1972. McNatt won a scholarship to Yale University in 1972 ...


Garna L. Christian

became the first African American to lead a predominantly white American religious denomination when elected president of the liberal Unitarian Universalist Association in 2001. He served two four-year terms (June 2001–May 2009), bringing greater public awareness to the religion. Sinkford, born 15 June 1946 has spoken little of his early life but he moved with his parents to Cincinnati Ohio as a child A self professed atheist young Bill as he likes to be called actively involved himself in reformist political and religious issues as a member of the First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati while maintaining an excellent academic record In recognition of the latter President Lyndon Baines Johnson named him among the first U S Presidential Scholars to receive that distinction as a high school senior Sinkford s efforts on behalf of his denomination earned him the presidency of Liberal Religious Youth a national Unitarian ...