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Jeremy Rich

religious and educational leader, was born to a family of chiefs in the town of Rusengo in eastern Burundi. The names and occupations of his parents are not known. He attended primary school in Rusengo from 1927 to 1933 and completed his secondary education at the Mugera seminary from 1933 to 1939. Barakana then decided to complete his theological training to become a Roman Catholic priest. He underwent training at the seminary in Nyakibanda from 1939 to 1947 and was ordained on 25 July 1947. Soon afterward, he went to the Vatican to study for a doctorate in canon law, which he received in 1950. Barakana thus became the first Burundian to ever receive a doctorate. Barakana decided to join the Jesuit Catholic religious order and officially became a member of this order on 20 May 1953 at Djuma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ...



Vincent Barletta

was born on 6 February 1608 in Lisbon, Portugal, into a family of modest means. His father Cristóvão Vieira Ravasco (c. 1568–c. 1666) was born in Santarém, Portugal, to a mother of mixed African and European descent. Antonio’s mother, Maria de Azevedo (c. 1584–c. 1640), was a native of Lisbon. As a result of family connections formed through marriage, Vieira Ravasco obtained a clerical post in 1609 within the newly instituted Relação da Bahia, colonial Brazil’s principal appellate court. In 1614 a young António Vieira, accompanied by his mother moved to Salvador da Bahia, seat of the high court.

In Salvador Vieira studied at the Colégio dos Jesuitas and at 15 he left home to become a novitiate in that religious order Three years later as a result of his high level of proficiency in Latin and precocious mastery of Jesuit rhetorical conventions Vieira s superiors made him ...