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Olatunji, Babatunde  

Jeremy Rich

a small fishing village on Nigeria’s Atlantic coast, not far from the city of Badagry on 7 April 1927 His father Zannu Olatunji was a village chief who died two months before Olatunji s birth Many people in Ajido believed Olatunji was the reincarnation of his father and to some degree he eventually agreed with this idea His mother came from an aristocratic family in Porto Novo Benin Olatunji thus had exposure to the rich cultural and spiritual beliefs of Yoruba people from his father s family and Fon people from the Porto Novo region Several of his close relatives had been priests and priestesses in indigenous traditions Although Olatunji s family nominally belonged to the Anglican faith Olatunji never viewed Christianity and indigenous beliefs as competitors While growing up in Ajido Olatunji became fascinated by drummers who regularly performed at market and during various rituals Olatunji later became ...