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Dolly, Quamino  

Camille A. Collins

was an African‐American slave, owned by Sir James Wright, the last British Royal Governor of the Province of Georgia. Dolly played an instrumental role in the British routing of Savannah during the Revolutionary War by pointing out an unknown pathway, which allowed crown forces to launch a surprise attack on rebel troops and capture the city.

In late December 1778, British troops, under the command of Archibald Campbell, landed unchallenged on the right bank of the Savannah River, intent on taking the Georgia capitol. Buttressed by rice fields, the British troops laid in wait for a number of days, amassing forces at the mouth of the main roadway to Savannah, and awaiting an opportune moment to strike.

Rebel troops caught wind of the presence of the British at the outskirts of Savannah and lined the road from Thunderbolt to the capitol in anticipation of an attack The patriot ...