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Black Caesar  

Kimberly Cheek

slave and pirate, was an African war chieftain who became a member of the brotherhood of pirates who sailed the Atlantic Ocean during the period known as the golden age of piracy, which spanned 1630 to 1730 Caesar operated during the height of the Atlantic slave trade Although his exploits have been exaggerated and obscured by legend he is a symbol of early black resistance to the tyranny of slavery that defined the existence of many blacks in the eighteenth century Atlantic world He was born in West Africa although the exact place of his birth and the names of his parents are unknown Caesar was very astute and evaded capture from many different slave traders occupying the West African coast during the eighteenth century Ultimately he was captured when a deceitful slave ship captain enticed him and twenty of his warriors aboard a slave ship by showing ...


Diego El Mulato  

Kris Lane

was born around 1600. According to various witnesses, Diego Martín was of mixed African-Spanish heritage and a native of Havana, Cuba. It is unclear if he was enslaved or free, or what occupation he pursued prior to his career in piracy.

Names such as Francis Drake Piet Heyn and Henry Morgan still dominate histories of early modern piracy in the Americas but it is often forgotten that all three corsair captains regularly relied on men and women of African descent for inside knowledge of Spanish ports forts and shipping schedules Enslaved and free Africans and their descendants filled the Atlantic world from its inception in the fifteenth century and well before the time of Francis Drake there was virtually no Spanish or Portuguese ship or coastal town without some African presence In the Americas autonomous Africans could also be found Drake was famously aided by the so called Bayano ...