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Pamela Foster

the only son and eldest of six children of Cleveland Francis, a janitor, and Mary Francis, a maid. While growing up Francis was inspired by the banjo, fiddle, harmonica, guitar, and other musical sounds he heard both in his neighborhood and on radio. He also was self-inspired to escape the poverty of his hometown any way he could.

Education would be his ticket out. After he built a guitar from an old King Edward cigar box and in 1953 asked for a twenty-five-dollar Sears Silvertone guitar, his mother knew that requiring Francis to keep up his grades in exchange for the guitar would ensure that he developed both his intellectual and musical skills. After high school in 1963 Francis enrolled at Southern University in Baton Rouge Louisiana as a pre med student where Dr Huel Perkins head of Southern s music department took an interest in his music This ...


Togarma Rodriguez

was born on 21 October 1910 in Salcedo, a remote town of Hermanas Mirabal Province in the Cibao Valley situated in the northern region of the Dominican Republic. From a young age, Tejada Florentino was known for his hard work, discipline, and strong sense of solidarity—qualities he would carry on into adulthood. He was well known for his dedication to the promotion of Freemasonry within the Dominican Republic, as well as promoting the development of athletic clubs. He was instrumental in establishing the first Boy Scout organization in his hometown of Salcedo. A humanist at heart, Florentino enjoyed reading literature and listening to music; he is also known as the first director of his hometown’s music band.

Though he was forced to work from a very early age in order to supplement his mother s income first as a bootblack and then as a carpenter he dedicated himself to the ...