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Adams, Sir Grantley Herbert  

Grantley Herbert Adams was born in Government Hill, Barbados, then a British colony. His father, Fitzherbert Adams, was a black man and the head teacher of one of the island's largest primary schools, Saint Giles. His mother, Rosa Frances Adams, was a coloured woman (of mixed African and European descent). By West Indian standards, the Adams family was part of the lower middle class, removed from the endemic poverty that engulfed the disenfranchised black majority.

Like his father, Adams attended Harrisons College, the colony's premier secondary school. In 1919 he won a prestigious island scholarship to Oxford University in England, where he studied law. In England he met intellectuals from the colonized world, many of whom, like himself, had joined the Fabian Society, a socialist movement that supported decolonization and the end of the British Empire. In 1925 Adams returned to Barbados working as a lawyer ...


Changamire, Dombo  

Enocent Msindo

founder of the Rozvi state in present day Zimbabwe is also known as Dombo 1 Changamire Dombolakonachingwango Chikurawadyembeu or Chikura Although Changamire was Dombo s surname it became a dynastic title for successive Rozvi kings hence the mistaken belief that Changamire was just an honorific title and not an individual s name His parents and family members like his date of birth are unknown The entirety of Dombo s early history is unclear Although he seems to have been a descendant of an earlier leader of an indigenous polity called the Torwa who built his political career through cattle wealth Dombo at one point served as one of the Mutapa king s herdsmen a magician and a renowned rainmaker Mutapa being a postmedieval Shona kingdom When he seceded and became king Dombo became a prominent political figure not only in the region that was once dominated by the Mutapa but ...