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Peter Garretson

ruler of Shewa (Ethiopia), was born in Menz. As the hereditary ruler of Shewa from 1813 to 1847, he confirmed its role as a major player on Ethiopia’s national political scene. Given the name of Haylu Welde Kiros at birth, he succeeded his father ras Wessen Seged after his assassination in June 1813 becoming first ras and later adopting the title of negus (king).

Since the power of the monarch rested largely on the allegiance of his subjects especially the powerful ones the first years of his rule were unsettled and rebellion was rife among his Amhara and Oromo subjects They had recognized the legitimacy of his father but not of him He acted swiftly and ruthlessly to crush this opposition re establishing the central authority in his province The Amhara nobles were placated and he continued his predecessors tactics of divide and rule to undermine any unified Oromo ...