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Sholomo B. Levy

Congressman, author, and educator, was born Ronald Vernie Dellums in Oakland, California, the son of Vernie Dellums, a longshoreman, and Willa, a beautician and government clerk. Ronald's father had moved from Texas to California with the hopes of attending college and becoming a journalist. He first found work as a Pullman porter with his brother C. L. Dellums, a close associate of A. Philip Randolph in the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. C.L. was Ronald's childhood idol and even as a young man, Ronald admired his uncle's courage and fiery oratory when Governor Ronald Reagan appointed him to California's Fair Employment Commission. Though he never became a journalist, Vernie went on to become a union organizer among the dockworkers, and his voracious reading habits and work as a labor activist greatly influenced the trajectory of his son's life.

Ronald s parents were Protestants but they sent ...


Zinga A. Fraser

politician and activist. Dellums has been described as one of the most radical members in congressional history because he constantly challenged America's political system. In his book, Lying Down with the Lions (2000), he discusses this apparent conflict between the role of a radical advocate and that of an effective legislator.

Ronald Vernie Dellums was born in Oakland, California. Prior to pursuing his educational career, he spent two years in the U.S. Marines. Majoring in social work and psychiatry, he earned an associate degree from Oakland City College in 1958, then a Bachelor of Arts from San Francisco State College in 1960 and a master s in social work from the University of California at Berkeley School of Social Welfare Dellums believed his specialization in psychiatric social work allowed him to help marginalized people navigate the social and structural problems of everyday life Against the ...


Robert Fay

Ronald V. Dellums earned an A.A. degree from Oakland City College, a B.A. degree from San Francisco State University, and a M.S.W. degree in psychiatric social work from the University of California at Berkeley. He was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1970, after basing his campaign on opposing American military involvement in the Vietnam War and his vow to fight for social justice in the U.S. and abroad.

Dellums was consistently a liberal voice in Congress. He fought to cut U.S. military spending and even sought a position on the House Armed Services Committee (which he chaired in 1993 to increase his knowledge of the military so that he could argue more effectively for reductions in military spending He also worked to increase federal financial support for social programs such as his national health care plan a comprehensive program that he first introduced in ...


Jason Philip Miller

politician, was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Thomas Frederick and Molly Wilder. Information about his parents and early life is scarce. When he was five his family relocated to the South Side of Chicago, where Savage attended Wendell Phillips High School, graduating in 1943. He joined the army and served in World War II in a segregated unit. Upon his return to the United States in 1946 he attended Chicago's Roosevelt University. Savage graduated from Roosevelt in 1951 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. He elected to pursue a life dedicated to civil rights, perhaps influenced by his experience in the military, where the poor treatment of African American recruits was epidemic. He worked as a journalist around Chicago for a number of years, eventually founding, operating, or editing a number of small, community newspapers and publications, including the Westside Booster (1958–1960), the Bulletin ...