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Jeremy Rich

businessman, was born in the southern province of Katanga, which was then part of the Belgian Congo, and is now in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He belonged to the Lunda ethnic community, whose rulers controlled the southern regions of Katanga and made claim to border regions of present day Zambia and Angola. Despite his fame as a business leader and the notoriety of his son Moïse Tshombe Kapenda, very little is available about his early years. What is clear is that his attitude about the growing Belgian political and economic presence in Lunda territory was quite different from some late nineteenth-century Lunda political authorities. Rather than seeing the Belgian conquest as a defeat, Kapenda recognized the potential of colonial rule as a source of new commercial networks and clients. He first entered business on his own in 1914 and began trading in his hometown of Sandoa located ...


Saul Engelbourg

arbitrager and business executive, was born in Baltimore, the son of Clinton Lewis, a skilled worker and small-businessman and Carolyn Cooper. Lewis was strongly influenced by his mother, especially because his parents divorced during his childhood. His mother married Jean S. Fugett Sr. in 1951. An elementary school teacher, Fugett was a graduate of Morgan State College and had five sons and daughters.

Lewis attended a Catholic grade school but was not admitted to a Catholic high school because of low test scores and discrimination against blacks Instead he attended the black public Paul Laurence Dunbar High School where he starred in three sports football baseball and basketball Academically below average because of his weakness in the sciences Lewis received a football scholarship from Virginia State College in Petersburg a black public institution After his freshman year Lewis withdrew from football because of a shoulder injury ...