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Dario A. Euraque

was born in Iriona, Department of Colon, to Nicolás Arriola Martínez and Eulogia García Crisanto. His grandparents were also Garífuna, an important segment of Honduras’s African-descended population. As of 2013, Garífunas represented 2 percent of the Honduran population, which then numbered 8 million.

In the eighteenth century, the Caribbean coast of Honduras had been populated by African descendants who often mixed with Pech and Tolupanes indigenous peoples. This population was complemented by African immigration to the Caribbean in 1797 when British authorities dropped off on the Honduran Caribbean island of Roatan between 2 000 and 4 000 Garífunas a mixture of black Africans and Indians from the island of St Vincent The Spanish authorities transferred the Garífunas to the port of Truxillo located in the Department of Colon next to the Honduran Mosquitia region that borders Nicaragua The Garífunas were deported to Honduras in retaliation for their resistance ...


A. L. Dawn French

was born in Soufriere, Saint Lucia, on 19 August 1956, the fifth of twelve children of Jean Haynes Hippolyte and Mary Winifred Hippolyte. In 1968 she entered the Soufriere Community High School, and in 1970 she entered the Soufriere Junior Secondary School, from which she graduated in 1972. In 1973 she proceeded to the Morne Fortune Technical College in Castries (now the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College), where she followed a two-year secretarial course, qualifying as an executive secretary, and obtained her GCE and RSA Certificates.

Armed with her diploma, Hippolyte’s first job was with Nor Consultants. This was followed in 1976 by a secretarial position with Peat Marwick, Mitchell & Co. After two years of secretarial work, she switched to auditing. Over the next five years she gained valuable experience, moving from audit assistant to senior auditor in 1984 That same year Hippolyte qualified as a ...