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Bate, Besong, Jacobs  

Gilbert Doho

playwright and poet of Anglophone Cameroon, was born on 8 May 1954 in Mamfe, which was then located in the British-administered territory of Southern Cameroons. In 1954 the territory established an autonomous region separate from the larger British colony of Nigeria and in 1961 the Southern Cameroons voted in a plebiscite to join the majority French-speaking Federal Republic of Cameroon (FRC) as the Federated State of West Cameroon (FSWC). The Anglophone population of the Southern Cameroons led by John Ngu Foncha believed that federalism, in the form of the FSWC, would assure their autonomy.

Mamfe was only 37 miles (60 kilometers) from the Southern Cameroons border with Nigeria. Besong moved to and from the two newly independent nations. He attended Hope Wadell Institute in Calabar and Saint Bede’s Secondary School in Kom, both in Nigeria. It was in Kom that he obtained his GCE A Level in 1976.

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Sander M. Goldberg

Roman comic dramatist. The biographer Suetonius, writing in the second century CE, reports that Publius Terentius Afer, to give him his full Roman name, was born at Carthage and came to Rome as slave of the senator Terentius Lucanus. Intellectual talent and dark good looks secured his freedom. He produced six comedies at Rome in the course of the 160s, winning along the way the friendship of leading Romans like Scipio Aemilianus and Gaius Laelius before drowning in a shipwreck on his way back from Greece with a collection of Greek plays to adapt for the Roman stage. Terence left a small estate on the Appian Way and sufficient money for his daughter to marry into the mercantile class.

So elaborate a biography is itself a mark of the poet s stature Terence wrote early in the history of Latin literature and exerted a major influence on the developing language ...