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Darius Young

U.S. Army lieutenant, businessman, Republican Party leader, and author, was born George Washington Lee to Reverend George and Hattie Lee in a small town in Sunflower County, Mississippi. Lee never knew his father. His parents separated shortly after his birth, and then his father died while Lee was still an infant. His mother single-handedly raised Lee and his older brother, Abner. She initially worked as a sharecropper for room and board. Hattie wanted a better lifestyle for her children, and every day she would hitch her wagon behind a mule and carry Lee and Abner several miles to the nearest county school. Lee remained on the cotton plantation until their landlord forced his family to leave. At that point the family packed their belongings and moved to the thriving town of Indianola, Mississippi.

Indianola was located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta and boasted one ...