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Rob Bowman

musician, songwriter, producer, and actor, was born in Covington, Tennessee, to unknown parents. Before Hayes had turned two, his father had left the family home and his mother had passed away in a mental institution. Hayes was raised by his maternal grandparents, who sharecropped for a living until, at the age of seven, Hayes, his sister, and his grandparents moved to Memphis. Over the next several years, Hayes lived in a variety of places in North Memphis. Impoverished, at times the family had to split up, and at the worst point Hayes was sleeping in junk cars at a garage.Largely a self taught musician during and immediately following his school years Hayes apprenticed with a number of ensembles that variously worked the school amateur hour and nightclub circuit singing doo wop and gospel and playing blues and jazz saxophone and rhythm and blues piano Upon ...


Jason Miller

musician, singer, and actor. Hayes was born in Covington, Tennessee, a tiny town in the westernmost part of the state, to Isaac Hayes and Eula Hayes, who were sharecroppers. Hayes's parents died when he was very young, and he and his sister Willette were raised by their mother's parents, Willie and Rushia Addie-Mae Wade. Hayes spent much of his early childhood in the cotton fields of Covington, and it was in Covington too that he made his musical debut, singing one Sunday at a church service. Two years later, when Hayes was seven, the family moved to Memphis in search of better jobs and higher wages.

Despite the family s optimism difficult times lay ahead Willie Wade took work in a factory but a few years later he fell ill and died Hayes was forced to take whatever odd jobs he could find to help ...