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Virginia Whatley Smith

W. E. B. Du Bois argued in The Souls of Black Folk (1903) that African Americans possessed a unique “double consciousness” because of their “twin rooted” heritage of being both African and American. For William Demby, this dichotomy of racial and national oppositions became an asset rather than a handicap. Born 25 December 1922 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Demby spent his formative years in a middle-class, multiethnic neighborhood where its three African American families resided harmoniously with first-generation immigrants. Individualism prevailed concomitantly with nationalism so that people felt proudly ethnic, but still American, recalls Demby. He never felt divided because of nationalistic practices of discriminating against blacks.

Demby's parents, however, experienced the color problem that Du Bois predicted would be facing the twentieth century. William Demby and Gertrude Hendricks had been aspiring architectural and medical students to Philadelphia s colleges but were denied entrance They lived during the ...


María de Lourdes Ghidoli

was born on 18 October 1841. His mother was named Juana Torres, but the name of his father is unknown. There are some doubts regarding the second name of Manuel Posadas, as he was known to sign his name as both Manuel T. Posadas and Manuel G. Posadas. Some researchers assert that the G stands for Gervasio. However, contemporary descendants of the family affirm that his second name was Tadeo. On 13 May 1861 he married Emilia Smith also an Afro Argentine in the parish of Saint Michael in the city of Buenos Aires According to the parish registry he had at least nine children with Emilia The names of only some of them are known Manuel Lucio Carlos Antonio Marcelina Mercedes Petrona Antonio Luis Juan Carlos and Luis María At least two of them became musicians Carlos Posadas excelled as a composer of tangos while Manuel L ...