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Joy Elizondo

Domingo Sosa, born in Buenos Aires, joined Argentina's military in 1808 and remained in the service for his entire career. After returning from service in the sixth Infantry, he was assigned to duty as a drill instructor in the Argentine Auxiliaries, an all-black regiment. In 1828 Sosa was called up for service in the all-black fourth Militia Battalion, where he would remain for seventeen years, fighting in both the Indian wars of the 1820s and civil wars of the 1830s.

The next stage in Sosa's career came in 1845, when Juan Manuel Rosas Argentine dictator in the 1830s and 1840s named him colonel and granted him command of the Provisional Battalion After the demise of Rosas s federalist regime Sosa remained in Argentina s succeeding Unitarian government maintaining both his rank and command of his troops Sosa was later appointed national representative to the legislature for ...


Faustin Elie Soulouque was elected president of Haiti by the National Assembly, under the belief that he could be easily manipulated. On the contrary, Soulouque established a strong and repressive regime. In 1849 he unsuccessfully attempted an invasion of the neighboring Dominican Republic which had won its independence from ...