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La TaSha B. Levy

successful entrepreneur and political activist. Connerly is nationally known for his controversial campaign to prohibit the use of affirmative action in state agencies, employment, and public education.

Wardell Connerly was born in Leesville, Louisiana, and was primarily raised by his grandmother after his mother died when he was five. Connerly describes his racial ancestry as one-quarter French Canadian, three-eighths Irish, one-quarter African, and one-eighth Choctaw. However, he rejects racial categories and prefers to identify himself as simply American.

Connerly graduated from Sacramento State College with a BA in political science in 1962. He was the first black student to become the student body president and the first and only black member of Delta Phi Omega fraternity. Upon graduating from college Connerly worked for the Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of Sacramento, which spawned his interest in housing and real estate. In 1966 Connerly became the ...


Anthony Neal

was born in Weldon, North Carolina. Information about his birth parents is unknown. He was the adopted son of David Rainey, a house carpenter, and his wife Anna, of Norfolk County, Virginia. After receiving his early education in the public schools of Portsmouth, Virginia, Rainey attended Norfolk Mission College—a black institution in the Commonwealth founded in January 1883 by Reverend Matthew Clarke under the auspices of the United Presbyterian Church’s Board of Missions. He later attended the College of the City of New York for two years and enrolled as a special student at Harvard University’s graduate school in 1915.

As a Republican in Boston’s Ward 18 (Roxbury), Rainey ran unsuccessfully for state representative in 1915 and 1917. Working as a waiter enabled him to pay his way through the city’s Suffolk Law School, from which he received a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1917 Upon graduating ...