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Lorelai Brilhante Kury

important figure in late colonial Brazil in the growth of scientific and technical activities usually associated with the manipulation of fire, such as casting, distillation, ceramics, and the production of ash for industrial use, was born in Minas Gerais, possibly in 1750. His biographers describe him as mulato, tall, and thin. Manso held jobs in mining, metallurgy, and chemistry. He perfected machinery and procedures for the production of cane brandy, salt, and porcelain. The Rio de Janeiro–born poet Domingos Caldas Barbosa left a handwritten poem in honor of João Manso, preserved among the manuscripts of the University of Coimbra, that praises his activities in the Sociedade Literária do Rio de Janeiro (Literary Society of Rio de Janeiro). Manso never left his native Brazil.

Manso reportedly received the Habit of the Order of Christ His trajectory indicates that reading practices coupled with manual skills and experience had an important ...