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Ari Nave

Ranavalona was born with the name Ramavo. Upon the death of her husband and cousin Radama I in 1828, Ramavo took the throne as queen of the Merina Empire, a kingdom that extended over most of Madagascar and was recognized by the British as the island’s sovereign authority.

During Radama I s tenure the Merina court had incorporated English beliefs and values along with their military and financial support Missionaries had established schools printed Bibles and transcribed the Malagasy language Many Merina aristocrats and Hova middle caste commoners resented the imposition of British culture and Christian values Even before coming to power Ramavo cultivated their support Upon the death of her husband she immediately laid claim to the throne changed her name to Ranavalona the lady who has been folded a reference to her aristocratic attire and executed all her potential rivals including Radama s mother daughter and nephew ...