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Wayne L. Wilson

football player, was born David Jones in Eatonville, Florida, five miles from Orlando. David's parents, Mattie and Ishmeal, who worked a variety of jobs including farm workers, had eight children, three boys and five girls. He was the seventh. The poverty-stricken family lived in an old, wooden house with no indoor plumbing until David attended high school. He was a three-sport star (baseball, basketball, and football) at all-black Hungerford High School.

However, all David dreamed about as a child was becoming a star professional football player. His father demanded that all three boys play the sport. But he noticed that David had the greatest potential for success in the pros. Jones said of his father in Pro Football Weekly, “He used to watch me practice at 5:00 in the morning doing my running when nobody else did. He supported the hell out of me” (Arkush, 27 Jan ...


Jacob Andrew Freedman

football player and actor, was born in Williamsburg, Virginia, the second oldest of the three children of Clarence Taylor, a shipyard worker, and Iris maiden name unknown a clerk and cashier Growing up on the outskirts of town separated from his closest neighbor by a divided highway Lawrence had little contact with people outside of his family The only place he regularly socialized was at school where he was an average student with perfect attendance The family lived modestly Testing the household rules and trying to avoid his parents discipline gave Lawrence events around which he built an identity For example when sent to the grocery store with a check for the family s monthly grocery bill he purchased a large quantity of candy that he resold at school for a profit This business venture continued for years and was so successful that he became known as ...