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Daniel Donaghy

film directors, producers and writers. Fraternal twins, Albert and Allen Hughes were born in Detroit Michigan to an African American father and an Armenian mother Aida who was born in Iran Albert is older than Albert by nine minutes Their parents divorced when they were two years old and at age nine the Hughes Brothers moved with their mother to Pomona California an hour from Hollywood where they first became interested in filmmaking Their mother ran her own business a vocational center and let her sons use the family s video camera to make films in part to let them pursue their passion and in part to keep them away from gangs and drugs While media outlets and the brothers own public relation representatives would later emphasize the pair s rough urban childhood experiences the two in fact were never in gangs and had stable childhoods complete ...


Mark D. Cunningham

filmmakers and film producers, were born in Detroit, Michigan, the twin sons of an African American father and a white Armenian mother, Aida Hughes. Though information about their father is limited, the Hughes Brothers, as they are most well known commercially, have suggested in interviews that he was or tried to be a pimp. Their parents divorced when the brothers were two years old. In 1981 Aida moved her young sons to Pomona, California, a suburb near Hollywood. With little more than a fast food restaurant worker's income, Aida supported her family while simultaneously putting herself through college. She eventually established her own business to rehabilitate injured workers and satisfied her activist spirit by becoming president of the Pomona chapter of the National Organization for Women.

To keep her boys out of trouble Aida lent her company s video camera to her sons to occupy their time creating ...