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Nigel Watson

a post office worker who gained notoriety by claiming to have been abducted by extraterrestrial aliens, was born in Newport News, Virginia, the fourth and youngest son of a shipyard worker. Family lore had it that Hill's maternal great-great grandfather was a white plantation owner. Hill's maternal great-grandmother's fair skin allowed her to live inside her father's home, where she was brought up by her aunts, even though technically she was still a slave. When she was married, her father gave her 250 acres of land, and it was on this land near Newport News that Barney Hill grew up along with his parents and an aunt and uncle, who then owned the farm.

Hill was unhappy when his family moved from Virginia to Philadelphia Pennsylvania where he attended high school for two years and spent a freshman year at Temple University He found life in Philadelphia tough and a ...


Richard Newman

In 1961 Barney Hill, a U.S. postal employee from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and his European-American wife Eunice (“Betty”), a state social worker, were participants in the first and most famous case of reported abduction by aliens from outer space. Although there had been many alleged sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) prior to this date, the few previous “contacts” were deemed hoaxes or delusions. The Hills, however, were sincere and credible witnesses whose experience established the pattern for future abduction narratives.

Barney Hill was born in Newport News, Virginia, the youngest of four children of Barney, a shipyard worker, and Grace Sills Hill. The Hills were descended from Peter J. Hill, a free black of Petersburg, Virginia. In 1923 the family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where Hill graduated from South Philadelphia High School and attended Temple University before joining the U.S. army. He married Ruby Horne ...