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Judith Imel Van Allen

mohumagadi (queen or queen mother) of the BaNgwato of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, now Botswana, and Christian leader and teacher. Semane Setlhoko was descended from BaBirwa and BaSeleka from the Tswapong Hills on the edge of the Limpopo valley, subject or vassal peoples of the BaNgwato, the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful of the BaTswana kingdoms. In 1900 she became the fourth wife of Khama III, kgosi (king) of the BaNgwato, despite initial disapproval by many BaNgwato because of her ancestry, which was far from the royal birth customary for the wife of a kgosi. Khama III’s daughter Bessie Ratshosa handpicked Semane as an appropriate mohumagadi to lead BaNgwato women into the modern world because of her achievements as a teacher a committed Christian and a temperance advocate Semane was also beautiful and intelligent as well as youthful and potentially fertile Khama III one of the first baptized Christians ...