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Charles Cantalupo

Eritrean poet, critic, and scholar, was imprisoned in Eritrea during its war for independence (1961–1991) by both occupying Ethiopian forces and factions of the Eritrean resistance. She escaped to Addis Ababa in the mid-1980s, where she received a high school education before fleeing for France and giving birth to a daughter in Lyon. Moving to Rome, she received a master’s degree in modern languages and literature and a PhD in communication studies from the University of Rome. In 1993, she published a poetry collection, Aulò: Canto-poesia dall’Eritrea, a bilingual text in Italian and Tigrinya.

A first-person narrative written from the standpoint of the author, Aulò: Canto poesia dall’ Eritrea is in four parts: “Il Paradiso Perduto” (“Paradise Lost”), “La Mia Abeba” (“My Abeba”), “La Nuova Eritrea” (“The New Eritrea”), and “Antologia, tentavivi di ricette Anthology an Attempt at ...


Drew Thompson

Angolan opponent of Portuguese colonialism, originally named Deolinda Rodrigues Francisco de Almeida, was born in 1939 in Cateste, Angola, near Luanda. She was the cousin of Agostinho Neto.

The product of a missionary education and the recipient of a Methodist church scholarship, she traveled to São Paulo, Brazil, in 1959, where she studied sociology. Shortly after her arrival, Portugal and Brazil established a treaty that permitted Portugal to extradite individuals deemed subversive or threatening to the stability of the Portuguese state and its colonies. Fearing arrest for her political activities and views, Rodrigues sought asylum in the United States and continued her studies at Drew University in New Jersey. She returned to Angola in 1962 and joined the Angolan Volunteer Corps for Refugee Assistance in Leopoldville Congo later to become the organization s secretary She was an active member of the People s Movement for the Liberation of ...