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Fred Morton

kgosi (king, chief) of the Bakwena of Bechuanaland (r. 1829–1892), presided over the creation of the first large state adjoining the Kalahari. He was the eldest son of the Kwena kgosi Motswasele II, a tyrant who was assassinated by his brothers in 1821, at which point the Kwena fragmented. Sechele was taken into hiding by his uncle Segokotlo, but this group suffered from reprisals from Kwena aspirants and from attacks by the Kololo (Fokeng) of Sebitwane and the Ndebele of Mzilikazi. In about 1830, after having moved from one haven to another, young Sechele assumed leadership of a Kwena group based in the north at Lephephe and began the long process of reunification, which was completed in 1845 with the death of his rival and distant uncle, Bubi.

In 1848 Sechele was baptized by David Livingstone of the London Missionary Society LMS Sechele s capitals at Tshonwane ...