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Vickey Kalambakal

Mary Ann Todd was born to a slave-owning family in Lexingto3n, Kentucky. Although she was raised in privileged circumstances among the wealthy and well connected, Mary suffered personal losses throughout her life that eventually affected her sanity and health. When she was three, a baby brother died; at age six, she lost her mother. Alienated by a new stepmother, Mary experienced a desolate and unhappy childhood. Family memoirs indicate that she would have witnessed brutal punishments inflicted on slaves in her own family; she also would have seen the slave markets in Lexington and the hangings of rebellious slaves. She was aware that her favorite caretaker, the bond servant Aunt Sally, aided runaway slaves.

Mary Todd moved to Springfield, Illinois, in 1839 to join two sisters and various cousins and uncles Several relatives were politically active in the state Mary s cousin was a mentor to and law ...