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Aaron Pride

was born on 6 March 1966 in Kingston, Jamaica. He spent his early life in Jamaica with his extended family after his mother left her children in the care of relatives to seek work in the United States; Maurice eventually joined her there when he was 12. In his mother’s absence, Ashley’s grandmother provided a home for him and his siblings and instilled in them an appreciation for hard work and education. She had been a teacher and encouraged her grandchildren to pursue an education. When his family did resettle in New York in 1978 Ashley learned several board games including chess In his youth he played in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and immersed himself in the literature on the game He read books on renowned world chess champions like the nineteenth century American Paul Morphy and studied strategy and tactics Ashley s commitment to the game and persistence ...


Born in Saint Andrew, Jamaica, Maurice Ashley immigrated with his family to Brooklyn, New York, at the age of twelve. When he was fourteen years old, he fell in love with the game of chess after a classmate soundly defeated him. Intent on avenging the loss, Ashley read a book about the first great chess player in the United States, the nineteenth-century Louisianan Paul Morphy. Until then Ashley was only casually interested in the game, but he soon became drawn to its complexity and dazzling plays.

Ashley s ascent to the upper echelon of chess was long and gradual His start at age fourteen was relatively late by chess standards Some children begin playing as young as four years old and some of the best players earn the title of international grandmaster by age fourteen Although he failed to make the first team on his chess club at ...