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Australia Tarver

As a visual artist and writer Barbara Dewayne Chase-Riboud (D'ashnash Tosi) blends African worlds with European, Asian, and Muslim worlds. Embracing differences is central to her idea of coupling or combining opposites. Chase-Riboud was born in Philadelphia to parents who encouraged her talents in the arts. With their support, her interest in the visual arts grew. She received a BFA from Temple University (1957). In the same year she was awarded a John Hay Whitney Fellowship to study art in Rome. Returning to the United States, Chase-Riboud completed an MFA at Yale (1960). From 1957 to 1977 Chase-Riboud exhibited widely in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. Although she is not an expatriate, Chase-Riboud lives with her second husband, Sergio Tosi, in Paris and Rome.

Her world travels with her first husband photojournalist Marc Riboud during the 1960s inspired Chase Riboud s ...


Aurora Almada e Santos

Cape Verdean poet, short story writer, novelist, essayist, and painter, was born in São Nicolau on 23 December 1907. Lopes studied at schools on the neighboring island, São Vicente, and in Portugal, where he moved in 1919. While in Portugal he attended the São Pedro College in Coimbra and a commercial school. Upon returning to Cape Verde in 1923, he found a position in the British Western Telegraph Company. In the meantime, he continued to attend classes at the local high school. In 1930, he moved to another company, Italcable, which went bankrupt at the beginning of World War II. Lopes then moved to Santo Antão Island, where he worked in agriculture. He returned to São Vicente in 1943 and worked briefly in the office of the city mayor before returning to the Western Telegraph Company in 1944 whereupon he was transferred to Azores in ...


Amalia K. Amaki

photographer, writer, and curator, was born in Los Angeles, California, the third of four daughters born to Evelyn Williams, a homemaker, and Wendell Williams, an aerospace industry employee. Carla showed no signs of interest in becoming an artist during her childhood, even though she already had an affinity and talent for taking photographs. As a high school senior she indicated that she could not imagine going off to college “to major in something utterly useless like art” (Williams, e-mail interview, May 2005).

Williams first became seriously interested in art during her sophomore year at Princeton University after she enrolled in a photography course The university darkrooms were located in the basement of the visual arts building it was there also that the mandatory interviews conducted prior to registration for an art class were held She later described that first journey to the basement as ...