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Nicolás Fernández Bravo and Richard Nudelman

was born in the locality of El Bonito, in the province of Misiones, Argentina, and raised by a foster family in greater Buenos Aires in the district of Lanús. As a teenager, he became interested in percussion and African drumming rhythms, learning about them by means of observing older percussionists, rather than by formal classes. While developing his skills as a drummer, he earned a degree in psychology.

Without knowing the exact origins of his ancestors, Suaqué intuited that he might have an African heritage. In a meeting with Rita Montero, the celebrated singer suggested to him that he might be of African descent. Inspired by this idea, he began to learn Afro-Argentine drumbeats and chants (e.g., candombe porteño, rumba abierta through the teachings of older Afro Porteños as residents of the port city of Buenos Aires are known A short time later Suaqué found out exactly where ...