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Robert Fikes

Born into a large family in a racially segregated middle-class section of Demopolis, Alabama, where he was not allowed to visit the town's public library, James S. Haskins was deeply affected by the swirl of events related to the mid century civil rights movement He received his bachelor s degree in history at Alabama State College but limited career opportunities in the South in the early 1960s led him to seek employment in New York City Two years of selling newspaper advertisements and working as a Wall Street stockbroker brought him to the realization that he was better suited for a career in education and thus he applied for a position in the New York City public school system After teaching music at several locations he found a job teaching a special education class at P S 92 Obsessed with the plight of his inner city pupils he was ...


Adam W. Green

writer and educator, was born in Demopolis, Alabama, to Henry Haskins, a funeral business worker, and Julia Brown Haskins a homemaker With the South still deeply segregated and blacks unable to use the public libraries Haskins relied on his mother to buy solo volumes of an encyclopedia from the local supermarket to sate his literary appetite before a white friend of his mother s started to check out books from the library on his behalf He attended a segregated elementary school in Demopolis and though he credited the love of his family and friends for his future humanitarianism Haskins later recalled that Alabama in the forties was a terrible place For the most part it seemed to me my childhood was a constant series of being told where to go and what to do in order to not aggravate the white power structure in Allen Following his ...


Mary Anne Stewart Boelcskevy

A poet who has written for both children and adults, Marilyn Waniek (pronounced Von-yek) was born on 26 April 1946 in Cleveland, Ohio, daughter of Melvin M. (an air force serviceman) and Johnnie (Mitchell) Nelson (a teacher). Her family moved from one military base to another during her childhood. She started writing in elementary school. Waniek's higher education includes a BA from the University of California at Davis (1968), an MA from the University of Pennslyvania (1970), and a PhD from the University of Minnesota (1979). Her doctoral thesis was “The Schizoid Nature of the Implied Author in Twentieth-Century American Ethnic Novels.” As a graduate student she argued in an article, “The Space Where Sex Should Be: Toward a Definition of the Black Literary Tradition” (Studies in Black Literature, 1975 that the relationships between Black protagonists and their white friends portrayed ...