What's New in the Oxford African American Studies Center

What's New: Winter 2019

New Community Spotlight Articles

Chicago (John McCluskey, Editor)

Cincinnati (Eric R. Jackson, Editor)
North Avondale Neighborhood Association
Woodson, Thomas and Jemima

Miscellaneous (Steven J. Niven, Editor)
Anderson, Peter

African American National Biography

The AANB has been updated with 25 new biographies:

Anderson, Robert Ball
Batten, Kim
Chamberlin, Lee
Clark Diggs, Joetta
Cosby, Henry Robert "Hank"
Dodson, Owen Vincent
Duckworth, Willie Lee
Gaines, Leslie Isaiah
Gammon, Isaac
James, Larry
Kingdom, Roger Nona
McGee, Willie
McKiver, Lawrence
Miles-Clark, Jearl Atawa
Moore, Kermit Diton
Nappier, Connie, Jr.
Noble, Kenneth B.
O'Brien, Dan
Riddick, Vernon Lee, Jr.
Strickland, Napoleon
Walker, Frank X
White, William R.
Whitmore, George, Jr.
Williams, Lula Goolsby
Williams, Richard
Young, Kevin C.

The following AANB biographies have been updated with new information:

Bennett, Lerone, Jr.
Blythe, Arthur
Brown, Linda Carol
Coleman, William T., Jr.
Conyers, John F., Jr.
Cosby, Bill
Domino, Fats
Fortune, Sonny
Franklin, Aretha
Gregory, Dick
Guillaume, Robert
Hopkins, Linda
Innis, Roy
McCovey, Willie
Shange, Ntozake
Smiley, Tavis
Stubblefield, Clyde Austin
Walcott, Derek

Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography

The DCALAB has been updated with 13 new biographies:

Andrews, Robert
Barrán, José Pedro
Colón Pellot, Carmen María
Da Cruz, Augusto Timoteo "Guga"
Fresneda, Nieves
Galarza Fleitas, Pablo
Galloza, Rubén Darío
Gomez Márquez, Mónica Lourdes
Kalipolitis, Carolina
Molina, Jacinto Ventura de
Martínez, Prudencio Rivera
Olivera Chirimini, Tomás Alberto
Prieto, Juan Nepomuceno

The following DCALAB biographies have been updated with new information:

Vernon, Leela
Walcott, Derek Alton

Dictionary of African Biography

The DAB has been updated with 26 new biographies:

Alexander VI
Casas, Bartholomé de Las
Catherine of Alexandria
Chiweshe, Stella
Cixous, Hélène
Daulne, Marie
El Fani, Nadia
Five Franciscan Martyrs of Marrakech
Ganno Salbana, Aster
Lourenco, Francisco
Moroda Bakare, Kumsa
Nasib, Onesimos
Nicholas V
Nnaji, Genevieve
Noli, Antonio de
Ntantala, Phyllis
Nyolo, Sally Soleïnie
Nyong'o, Lupita
Nzie, Anne
Onwenu, Onyeka
Sessarakoo, William Ansah
Toumi, Khalida Messaoudi
Wek, Alek
Yekini, Rashidi
Zitouni, Mustapha

The following DAB biographies have been updated with new information:

Annan, Kofi Atta
Bingu, wa Mutharika
Boutros-Ghali, Boutros
Kabbah, Ahmed Tejan
Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla
Ochieng', William Robert
Tsvangirai, Morgan

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